Always follow your instinct!


I stepped of the boat, just before taking off for the Atlantic crossing.

I just had a strange feeling about it.

We’ve built an amazing crew team in a few weeks time. 6 nationalities, all with big dreams and beautiful life stories. We’ve worked hard to make the boat ready. It has been an incredible intense, remarkable and fun time. We were supposed to be on the ocean already. We had some delays due to the a broken waterpump, bad weather, leaking hatches, last-minute crew changes, delivery issues, solar panel installations, mañana mentality, lices… all no problemo! Most important is that the boat and crew is ready to make the crossing. It’s an ocean crossing. It’s not just a ride. We fixed it as a team. We’ve had 7 times the last beer in Bar Brazil Gran Tarajal, 7 times the last diner, 5 times the last run on land because ‘mañana’ we were going to leave. We could laugh about it.

Last saturday, another day of planned departure, the watertank was still leaking, bugs got into the bags pasta, there appeared to be more things to be fixed and arranged I didn’t know about. It was clear to me. Departure was not gonna happen at least for another few days.

What a life saver!

An increasingly strange feeling told me it’s not the right boat and captain to make the crossing with. Too many strange things were in the air. It took a lot of my energy. The crew team we built was so great. It was what kept me on board. But I had this little doubt in the back of my mind.

I went for a walk. Put the adventure in perspective.

It is cool to have my logo on the boat. It is cool to cross the Atlantic. The boat itself was safe. On paper the boat project was all about adventure sports, nature and sustainable living. In real it wasn’t really about that. The non-profit concept appeared to be a bit too much about money and a bit too little about sustainability. This was still ok. It could give my own cool twist and story to it. But the strange stress feeling in my head and being not 100% cool with the captain was not worth it. A 44ft boat is too small for disagreements in the middle of the ocean. Peace of mind and freedom is worth so much more.

So I decided to step off board the Oberon.

We’re 2 days further now and everyone got off board, old crew, new crew. Things got too weird and even violent.

Instinct doesn’t lie.

Imagine things get tense in the middle of the ocean where there is no escape?

It has been an interesting experience. That’s for sure. And the adventure continues! Last 2 days I’ve been enjoying the company of the fantastic crew family and sailors community in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria. The phone broke down so I have quietly stayed disconnected as well. Everyone thought I was out on the ocean anyway. I’m so relieved, happy in the sunshine, on a mission to find the right boat with a happy bonding of new crew and captain. I’m positive it will all work out fine. I’m not in a rush and I definitely don’t give up the dream. First a caña or two with the old crew. Tranquilo no mas. Everything happens for a reason.

I just keep following my instinct.


The adventure continued…

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11 Comments on “Always follow your instinct!

  1. Not nearly detailed enough! I want names, incidents and details!!

    🙂 🙂 Scott

  2. Thanks Suzanne for the Nice comment? maybe we need to talk a little bit more About you management skills? You forget to tell you was in charge of the crew. This was your job on the boat! Mabey I am not the best skipper but I will never trow with dirt to crew or ex crew members. So I am unfair and violent? Now you are going to far. We did anything to please you my wife dit your Landry, wend to te post to pick up your package…. Shame on you? I assume this will be removed in the next coming min?

    • Thank you for reading my post Patrick. Anyone has the right to express his own opinion, therefore I shall not remove your comment. In many organisations managers have to go because of misunderstandings and differences of opinion with the owners. I’m grateful for the experience I have had. Your wife is great. It is better for both of us to say goodbye. Ahoy!

  3. Suz, I love your blog and especially this last post. I am so proud of you and how you managed the situation again and again and again. This is so you! and this gives me a big smile on my face and at the end also a big “thinking-about-life-time”.
    I keep on following my instinct:)
    Lots of love! We miss you :*
    Take care

    • Nelli! Thank you! 🙂 It has been a huge adventure! Learned a lot and even more determined to cross now! ALWAYS follow you instinct! Miss you too! Muak!

  4. Way to go Suus. Wat een topmentaliteit heb jij ook!
    Superdikke trots op jou.

    Kus Les

  5. Thanks Suz, I almost made a huge mistake getting on this boat. YIKES!! Now I just need to figure out how to thumb it to Martinique?

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