Atlantic ocean crossing Part 1! East to West: The facts & photos!

WE HAVE ARRIVED! One week ago we set foot in Tobago. Safe and sound we crossed the Atlantic ocean. We = Captain Rudy, Noor and I on the sailing boat Sea-Ya from Breda, Holland. I LOVED the experience and would definitely do it again, the hitchsailing way or maybe on my own boat? I have sooooo many cool photos, videos, tips and stories to share! I’m on island time now. Updates will get trough, slowly but surely. Stay tuned.

The stats:

Cabo Verde – Tobago: 2262 miles
Sunrise & sunsets:18
Windless days: 0.5
Rain: only on arrival day!
Highest windspeed: 24
Fastest day:  160 miles
Slowest day: 104 miles
Boat damage: Nothing major!
Tons of seaweed: 3493939
Days with dolphins: 1
Birds: every day! (Yes, in the middle of the ocean!)
Other sailboats: only 1 (Indigo)
Tankers seen: 8
Thrown up: 1
Flying fish on board: 24
Open air cinema nights: 3
Estimation of boat swingings conquered: 10408080
Bruises: 34 (no, captain didn’t abuse us, the swinging boat did)
Shooting stars: lost count
Falling pans + 4
Water temperature Cape Verde: 25,5 degrees celsius
Water temperature Tobago: 32,1 degrees celsius!
Seconds of boredom: 0
number of messages after 18 days of disconnection: INSANE

The photos of the Atlantic Crossing!

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3 Comments on “Atlantic ocean crossing Part 1! East to West: The facts & photos!

  1. Suzanne, thank you for the beautiful pictures. I look at them over and over again. What an adventure. Thanks also to the other two, for being such a reliable team. Hope to meet you some day.

    • Hi Jose!

      Suzanne is a jewel and a real pleasure to be with! We will surely miss her! Looking forward to meeting you too once I’m back!

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