Ciao Las Palmas harbour life! Off to the ocean!

By now I’ve spent about five weeks in the harbour of Las Palmas! Who would have thought this 2 months ago? No regrets! Leaving the previous boat was the best decision I have ever made. This change of course has only brought good things. It made me found boat SeaYa with captain Rudy from Bavel home town, it brought happiness to my family with a surprise visit for Xmas, and it connected me to the most incredible people floating in this harbour.

It so great to meet al those waterlusted people with a shared love for the ocean, with the same dreams, mindset and nomadic lifestyles. It’s all kinds of adventurers determined not to wait for retirement to make their sailing dreams happen. Here there’s families, sailing couples, solo sailors, and ‘hitchsailers.’ like me. Some are sailing around the Canary Islands, some are just chilling in this harbour enjoying la vida espanola or contributing for a cause, and some are preparing for the Ocean Passage. I love this chilled-out lifestyle. And I’m still in a harbour, in a city! Imagine how this is out on the ocean or sailing around deserted islands. No complaints. Las Palmas has treated me well. This city has been beyond expectations. It’s a mixture of islandstvle living with the luxuries and cultural ambience of a city. Destination stories though, I keep for DestinationXploration, my adventure travel blog.

Nevertheless, It has become too comfortable here!

Ships are made to sail. So off we go! Mañana! I know, you’ve heard that before if you’ve been following progress on Facebook. But mañana it’s for real! Powered by a forecasted 20 knot north east wind we’ll set sail to the south. Via Sao Vincente (Cabo Verde) we hope to reach Trinidad for Carnaval! The Caribbean! We = Captain/Pirate/Baviaon/MrMosquito Rudy, and Goedele and Noor, two lovely Belgium chica’s with the shared dream for the ocean passage and a big drive for adventure! With the four of us we make a great team! Rudy, Noor and Goedele are pro sailors. I’m the newby in the house. I’m very lucky to have found this boat and crew team! Thank you Rudy. We spent a week together now preparing for the trip. It all goes smooth and sweet. Great outlook! It feels great!

We are ready!

The boat is painted, washed, fixed, washed again, fixed a bit more.
Every cm3 of the SeaYa has been stocked. Big puzzle!
The boat is LOADED. We’re like a cargo ship.
We bought food for 4 weeks 4 people. Horrible.
At local fruteria Antonio at Mercado Central we found best fruits & veggies from the Island. Recommended!
Captain Rudy has beer for a lifetime. No comments.
Bunch of seasickness medicine has been stocked.
The satellite phone is working. Risk management.
The harbour has been cleaned up.
The batteries are charged.
The dingy has been pulled in.
All left to do now is enjoying a last Spanish food fiesta, say goodbye, putting the steering wheel back on and to throw off the stern lines!
We try to make most meaninfull mission out of it. For Correos del Mar we’ll ship Pencils, books and clothes to support kiddos in who need it in Cabo Verde. We’ll contribute to science taking watersamples For and Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation. And for the fans at home and other adventure seekers we are shooting a video about the crossing, hoping to encourage others to ditch the damn tv an go on an adventure!
I’m looking forward to disconnect: disconnect from the internet, disconnect from media, disconnect from advertisement, commercial crap, disconnect from traffic, disconnect from pollution (hopefully!), disconnect form western distractions. And I’m so excited to face the elements and connect nature, to the ocean, (And to a safety line to the SeaYa when the weather is rough ;)).
Once on the other side of the pond, I probably connect again. At some point. To share the adventure with you! It’s only the beginning.

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  1. Suus, ofcourse I have mixed feelings about you disvonnecting. But I am very happy that you are finally sailing off. Be safe and happy, my little girl.

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