Frequently Asked Questions

And the answers!

What kind of trip are you on?

I’m on a journey to (hitch)sail around the world and learn and share as much about the ocean, it’s beauty and challenges. I don’t have a boat, budget or sail experience. I started in 2014 with a search for a ride across the Atlantic. Since I’ve been on the WRONG boat, crossed from East to West on a lovely little sailingboat, crossed from West to East on a bigger delivery boat. Got a job on boat to sail around the world but the boat was a wreck. Then hitchsailed in Asia, the Mediterranean. Will now cross the Atlantic again and continue to the Pacific? I explore, learn and document it all so I can share the fun and discoveries with you. My mission is to raise more awareness about adventurous living and ocean conservation.


If 2/3rd of our world is ocean, what the hell are we doing on land 99,9 % of our lives? I’m very eager to learn everything related to the ocean and seamanship: the sailing, weather, the stars, ocean life, geography, navigating, energy management, conservation issues! I want to learn what’s going on with our oceans and fish and find ways how to change for the good. Exploring by boat is ultimate freedom. It brings you to most remote places. It’s the most sustainable way to travel long distances. It’s cheap. It’s adventurous! And I’d like to disconnect. When does that happen these days with wifi radiations all around.

It’s since the first big Atlantic Ocean adventure that I have really realized how bad the situation of our ocean is, and how dependent we are on it. I feel more responsible and motivated than ever to bring life back into the ocean. My ocean explorations have shown me the tsunami of challenges our oceans are facing. In the middle of the Atlantic I fished water samples that appeared to be clear but had 47 tiny pieces of plastic. I’ve been zigzag sailing to avoid the hundreds of trawling fishing boats. I’ve stared at parades of plastic floating. I built sandcastles of plastic sand. I’ve been dancing with manta-rays in a plastic soup. I’ve been freediving looking for fish and couldn’t find any, on places where they’re supposed to be in abundance. The ocean gets emptied, trashed, polluted and out of balance because of our busy and demanding lifes on land. I have experienced these sad situations. And by going out on a boat for a while I have also experienced how very little we actually need. But we do need the ocean to live. I love the ocean so I protect that. But It’s not about me. It’s about everyone, everyone’s kids and every life on the planet. We are alive right now because of the oceans. Now the ocean needs to be kept alive by us.

People protect what they love. So I want people to fall in love with the ocean. To fall in love with the ocean and get most triggered to make a difference, I believe you have to experience the ocean. So here I am to help you go on an ocean adventure! 🙂

How do you nail this down?

I don’t know yet! I believe willpower & determination will get me there.

Do you have sailing experience?

 Not really but I want to gain that and soon I will! I’ve been sailing coastal Queensland and the Canary Islands for a few weeks but never without sight of shore, Some call it stupid. I call it adventure. I know the basics. Many many offshore miles. Now looking to gain more experience in coastal sailing! I didn’t grow up near the water and I’ve never really been on boats. I’m just fascinated by them. I have a big passion for the ocean. So let’s explore this! In the last years I’ve been lucky to make a few little boat trips but basically I a complete sailing newby.  

What kind of boat?

 Her name is Oberon. It is a monohul sailingboat (Beneteau Oceanis 44 feet (that’s 14m.)). Renewed this year for the big trip. On the search for a new boat! Boat Sea-Ya, American design, 45 feet. The owned comes from my hometown (Bavel, Holland) of all places! On the Atlantic crossing from West to East I’m on a 90ft Ketch! A HUGE 82ft sailing catamaran.

Who are you going with?

I’m travelling solo and team up with fellow ocean lovers along the way

How long are you away for?

No idea! I’m a nomad so I literally will go where the wind will blow

Are you not getting seasick?

I honestly don’t know. But there’s is only one way to find out right? I’ve been in rough waters a few times before and that went well so I’m not worried. I’m bringing a dose of ginger, which calms the stomic and vamos a ver! I’m not not gonna do this because I might get seasick. Then I can better become a couchpotato. Yes I do. My first day of sailing jackpot for Suz. Basically every first day at sea. After that I’m fine. The sea legs are on. Let’s move on!

Don’t you have to work or something?

I am working. Probably more than the average person. Just on my own terms. I love to share my stories and tips so I can help you to go for it as well! And make you fall in love with the ocean. Eventually that’s what drives me. It doesn’t buy me the latest iphone or flatscreen. But it does give me the freedom to explore. Hopefully one day I will earn enough pesos from creating so I can buy or built my own boat. On the sister website, destinationXploration.com, which is about responsible adventure travel, I wrote a blog about the moneytree that I have on my back 😉

I want to cross the Atlantic Ocean too! Where do I start? Can you help?

I want to go on a small (hitch) sailing trip. Where do I start? Can you help?

How can I do something meaningful for the ocean?

What do you pack?

  • Here’s what’s in my ocean friendly sailing / freediving / multi adventure travel kit 🙂

How can I follow your adventures?

The sailing stories I put up on this website whenever I’m connected. Sign up for the newsletter (4x per year) so you’ll get notified about the latest ocean Xplorations. Here’s an example of the latest Ocean Splash.

Destination stories I put online at the sister website www.destinationXploration.com. Quick updates I post more frequently on instagram, twitter, pinterest and facebook. I’m also starting out with video on Youtube

Which camera do you use?

How can I support you?

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  • I have more questions on hitch-sailing. Can you help?

    Of course! That’s what I’m here for! Please contact me via this page. For years I’ve been answering questions in my spare time. Since that has grown into a fulltime job I cannot dedicate all my time to answering questions anymore. I hope you understand and are cool to chip a few pesos into the adventure fund tip jar that can help me keep going. Thank you!

    Do you have an idea, adventure, boat, product or organisation related to ocean adventure and conservation? Contact me to explore how we can create synergy for the ocean!