My first week at sea – Sailing the Canary Islands

5 days at sea

And the sea legs are on!

I’ve cruized around La Gomera, Tenerife, Isla Graciosa, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura
I’ve a superfun sailing family from Belgium, Sweden, Australia, Canada, The UK and Holland
I’ve been surrounded by dolphins
I’ve sailed at night
i’ve seen more fallen stars than wishes to be made
i’ve stared for hours to the fluorized plankton, that light up in the wave of behind the boat.
i’ve been in 3/4 meter waves! 3-4 METERS! This was storm.
I’ve been seasick
I’ve taken 1 cold 30 sec. shower (then the waterpump broke)
So I’ve grown natural dreadlocks
I’ve been half a day without seeing land
i’ve seen a huge marlin, almost caught by Ivan, the fisherman aussie
I’ve seen a few sunrises
i’ve cooked on a angle without getting seasick (progress!)
I’ve been disconnected from phone and wifi for 2 days and never slept so well
I have to learn A LOT about tying knots, navigating, radio language, safety, tacking, trimming sails and the sailing terminology which is like learning a new language.
I have fun

I just took a long hot shower in a hostel and I feel the richest girl in the world.

So far so good! Ready for the Atlantic Crossing!


Islas Canarias barco


New home




Isla La Graciosa

Oberon Crew November

The Oberon Crew


First day we had some beautiful sunset sailing


Tough weather but a happy crew

2 Comments on “My first week at sea – Sailing the Canary Islands

  1. Hi,
    I’m in Las palmas looking for a boat and only one of the marinas seems accessible. I’ve heard of a bar sounding like selos where its good to meet looking for boats.
    I started looking in Tenerife as an Atlantic Odyssey was leaving on the 9th January but I just missed a crew spot. So here I am. If you know of any boats looking for crew please put me in touch?
    Many thanks,

    • Hey Corinna,
      I hope you have made it across the pond! I just see your message now. If you’re still looking let me know, perhaps I can help! Cheers, Suzanne

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