I didn’t grow up near the water but in my previous life I may have been a fish. Being in, on or near the ocean feels really really good. I took up diving, kitesurfing, freediving and get excited about basically any watersport. Time to explore bigger waters! I’m dreaming a lot about making a big sailing trip. And dreams are meant to be happening!

But how to get into all this? Without experience, without a boat and basically without a budget…  That’s the journey I have been starting. I learned a lot about it already and the big sailing trip is going to happen! Where there is a will, there is a way. I have found at cool and safe boat which i’m gonna make my home for a few months! November 15 2014 I’m taking off on a sailing trip with other waterlusted crew from all over the world. sailors and non-sailors, boys and girls, a nice young mixed group with a common drive for water adventures! The plan: Canary Islands – Cape Verdian Islands – Caribbean – ??

As I couldn’t really find a good resource on how to get started into sailing if you’re on a budget, I decided to build my own.  I like to keep you posted about the upcoming adventures, lessons i’ll be learning, and raise awareness about ocean conservation through my ocean Xploration. I will discover. I hope it will help you get into this as well, may you have the same dream.

xxx Suzanne


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