This is an evolving page with all tips on ocean adventure, boat hitch-hiking, sailing and conservation.

Crew websites

Captain-Crew matchmaking sites:



Oceancrewlink (mostly offshore sailing)




GenteparaNavegar (Spanish) (Dutch)

Voyageavecmoi (French)

Check local facebook groups and couchsurfing forums


Customized Hitch-Sail advice

Do you have a hitch-sail question on a certain destination or topic?
Give me a call via Clarify



What's in my ocean friendly adventure travel kit? Read it here.

Check the shop for useful sailing gear

A few recommendations:

Aquapac Waterproof your clothes, phone, camera, laptop, everything!

Water-to-go Filter waterbottle so you can just drink water safely from the tank. Discountcode: OCEAN

LifeStraw Filter straw. Now plastic-free from stainless steel! Access to clean water. Always.

My LifeProof phonecover have saved me and the planet from having to get 5 new phones. They also have covers for tablets which work well to waterproof navigation equipment.


Risk Management

World Nomads Insurance covers sailing!

Ambronite An organic wholefood superfood meal to take with you on long passages as a back-up when you run out of the good stuff. It's delicious!!



Marine Debris Tracker  - An app to track the trash floating by. Log it (&grab it if you can!) and put the ocean exploration into numbers to contribute to research and awareness raising! 



Risk Management


Destination Inspiration - My travelblog on adventure, island and coastal destinaton tips and info

How to navigate the Caribbean on a budget? 10 tips



Books for the ocean-minded

Blue mind - How Water Makes You Happier, More Connected and Better at What You Do

Deep Freediving, Renegade Science and What the Ocean Tells Us About Ourselves

Manual of Freediving – Still the best book out there explaining all the ins and outs about freediving. Written by the superhuman Umberto Pelizzari.

Sailing the farm - THE guide on how to become self-stustainable on a sailing boat. Written in the 80s and more relevant than ever today. Can't wait to apply it!


Specific questions? Let’s chat!


Working on boats

These licenses are helpful and often required when working on boats

  • STCW10 (which stands for Standards of Training, Certification and Watch keeping for Seafarers). This is a basic safety certificate where you learn about personal survival, firefighting, first aid/CPR, and personal safety and social responsibility.
  • ENG1 Medical Certificate. This is a basic medical check confirming that you are fit.
  • Is working on a boat for you? All you need to know post by Roger who worked on superyachts for +4 years 




Get skilled is an online training resource for first aid and CPR

First Aid, CPR and AED essential is a good book to learn about the topic

Udemy has courses on practically every topic you can think off. Downloadable so helpful when at sea.




Adventure Sailing Holidays

Contiki Sailing with 18-35 year olds (Super budget style!)

GAdventures Sailing trips for the adventure people

Find a sailing holiday

Incrediblue Book a boat (with or without skipper) from a local 

Sailsquare Sailing holidays all over the world

Nowboat For adventurous and responsible sea adventures. 

Cool charter boats

Aurorasailing Max (Dutch) has a beautiful sailing vessel and can host your event or aqua adventure

Aegir Expeditions Paul organizes offshore sail training adventures on the Great Lakes, to give sailors the skills and ability to sail anywhere on their own

Find a sailing boat to charter A trusted database of yachts to charter in Europe

Barbaros Yachting Sailing the Turkish Riviera

Expedition Vessels - Marjo and Edwin bring ocean awareness into action. Join them soon on their new classic vessel Grace!

ByTheOceanWeUnite - Dedicated Dutchies organizing expedition trips in Europe to increase awareness for plastic pollution

Oceanwide Expeditions - Antartica & Artic Expeditions cruises

MakingWavesSailing - Ocean Advocate Monique organizes Ocean Conservation trips in the Caribbean 

Pangaea Explore - Exploration, Conservation and Education sailing expeditions

The insPirates -  We unite people with a spirit of adventure and a drive for entrepreneurship in sustainable innovations.

Explore the map

MPAtlas Check out all Marine Protected Areas

Official MPA map Where is the ocean protected?

Sailing blogs



Friends from the Ocean

Loic & Kasia Crew mates from the Oberon

SailMakara (Boat - met in Gran Tarajal, Fuerteventura)

Seahawk (Boat -met in Gran Tarajal, Fuerteventura)

ChielVaessen (NL. Sailing hitchhiker - met in Gran Tarajal, Dutchy)

Jan Prahm (met in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria)

SY Antares (NL. Dutch adventure family crossing oceans - met in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria)

Win2Win (Dutch adventure couple crossing the ocean)

S/Y Pangea Ultima (Swedish adventure couple crossing the ocean - neighbours in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria)

Ocean Podcasts

Ocean Allison Podcast brings you the best in ocean science, education, conservation and more through conversations that highlight people creating positive change for the ocean.

Speak up for Blue Learn about Ocean Conservation with this Podcast

A sustainable mind Influential Changemakers interviewed



Make a difference


Read 70 tips to be part of the solution

Go Plastic Free Find alternatives on Plastic Free Life - Awesome webshop full with alternatives to Plastic

Big Green Smile Find your affordable chemical free, ethical and ocean friendly sun creme and shampoos here.



Ocean Conservation & causes to support

Ocean Conservation Edwin & Marjo bring awareness into action supporting local organizations involved in conserving ocean life

OceanForce Poncho as his team are planning an ocean conservation trip in the Americas for end of this year.

Los Correos De La Mar Helping communities in need with clothes, toys, etc. Sailing to Africa or Haiti? Contact them and bring some goods!

Alianza Tiburones Canarias Protecting the Sharks

Nakawe Bringing awareness about the importance of our Ocean

OceanUnite - Uniting and activating powerful voices for the ocean. Good resource to learn about the ocean.

For more ideas on how YOU can make a positive impact check my blog on '70 easy actions for the planet'


Short video’s

 The worlds dirtiest river - and what ends up in our ocean

Microplastics in fish - Scienctific research on what ends up in the fish.




Ocean Documentaries


Planet Ocean Beautiful footage and learnings about the ocean (Free on Youtube)

Racing Extinction Watch and learn what's happening to our oceans

A Plastic Oceans  Shocking truths on plastic and why we need a wave of change

Mission Blue By my ocean hero Sylvia Earl

Cowspiracy The Sustainability Secret. Learn about the impact on the ocean by our food choice.

The 11th Hour 




Building a sailing blog

Lightningbase Low energy wordpress hosting with server in Europe Organic themes Minimalistic, responsible and stylish wordpress themes. My website is based on the adventure theme. Udemy Learn about websites, wordpress, photography, video, coding, anything with Udemy courses. You can download them to your phone so also learn while you're out on the water:) Lynda Another resource to learn about web and creative skills to build an online presence 99Designs Launch a contest for your logo or webdesign Better WordPress Content

Ways to obtain funds for creativity and campaigning

Patreon People that like your work can support you monthly or per creation. I haven't set up one (yet) but looking into the best way of doing this. Many sailors are on patreon earning money from youtube like this.