About Suzanne

My name is Suzanne van der Veeken. I pursue ocean adventures with the mission to save the ocean. My big dream is to sail around the world. But how to do that with no boat, no budget nor sailing experience?

I’m a big believer that if “It can be dreamt, it can be done” (Disney)

So let’s do it!

On oceanXploration.com I log the boat-hitchhike and ocean adventures.

By sharing my stories I hope to inspire for (hitch)sailing adventure, help you hop on a boat, increase awareness about the importance of a healthy ocean, and create more ocean ambassadors. I educate myself about the local & ocean situation and give my best tips to live, sail and travel the seas with a positive impact. Because that’s the most important thing I’ve learned through the ocean adventures: the ocean is in deep trouble. Join me for the journey, to protect our playground, to make a difference, and to save our oceans!

xxx Suzanne

The Oceanpreneur

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