WE HAVE ARRIVED! One week ago we set foot in Tobago. Safe and sound we crossed the Atlantic ocean. We = Captain Rudy, Noor and I on the sailing boat Sea-Ya from Breda, Holland. I LOVED the experience and would definitely do it again, the hitchsailing way or maybe on my own boat? I have sooooo many cool photos, videos, tips, Read More


By now I’ve spent about five weeks in the harbour of Las Palmas! Who would have thought this 2 months ago? No regrets! Leaving the previous boat was the best decision I have ever made. This change of course has only brought good things. It made me found boat SeaYa with captain Rudy from, Read More

I didn’t grow up near the water but in my previous life I may have been a fish. Being in, on or near the ocean feels really really good. I took up diving, kitesurfing, freediving and get excited about basically any watersport. Time to explore bigger waters! I’m dreaming a lot about making a big sailing, Read More