The ocean: our plastic playground


You probably know that plastic is an issue. At the store around the corner you have to pay 10 cents now for your plastic bag, so you might bring you own. Your municipality might ask you to seperate plastic. Or they even ban it (Hoorah Hawaii!). Perhaps you’ve seen a picture once of some sea creature eating plastic. Somehow you know it’s an issue. But do you know the scale of it? Why plastic in an issue? And what you can do to reduce your impact?

It’s only since I started freediving and sailing that I’ve become aware how really bad it is! In Bali i’ve been freediving with manta’s eating plastic, in the Azores i’ve ran on plastic sandy beaches. I took watersamples in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean that appeared to have 47 pieces of microplastic. Did you know that every piece of plastic made never ever dissapears? That in the last 10 years we have produced more plastic than in the last 60 years? It’s everywhere. Even writing this i’m pushing the plastic buttons. We’re going in a pretty bad direction with this. But it’s not too late!  There’s a lot we can do. As freedivers, as sailors, as ocean lovers, as anyone! As part of my freedive instructor course with FreedivingClub Greece I made a little presentation about the plastic situation, and what we can do about it!

Watch, learn, act & enjoy!

Cover photo credits to Roline Prummel and Sea-Ya Crew.

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